Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Twenty-Eight Days of Shuffle

It occurred to me recently that I have a very slender grasp of what music i have on my ipod. I can lose myself in niches within the 85-genre span for weeks, even months, at a time depending on my particular whims. There's opera from my singing days and ballet from my floor-waxing past not to mention the incomprehensible stretches of indie rock and jazz. From time to time I stumble across music I forgot that I ever loaded. According to my iTunes, I should have about twenty-seven and some odd hours of music, most of which I don't even remember.

A couple months ago I was getting really into running--well, the idea of running anyway--and I roadtested some of my playlists. Now I plan on life-testing the whole thing in its entirety. I'm sure I'll get stuck with a phillip glass block party while i'm at the gym, or some particularly profane bit of electroclash with my boss in my office, but i'm generally pretty excited to re-learn what music i like and dislike. I already know that the player piano rags--music coordinator job--have GOT to go...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Our temp

Our new accounts-payables temp is a chainsmoking hunchback. Everytime I start to write something more artistic, i keep getting hung up on those basics.