Friday, February 11, 2005

Wintery Anna Anna

Slate's interesting article on Anna Wintour is the must-read web news for today (yes, even over Arthur Miller biographies). It also makes us realize that we need to clarify our position on Anna Wintour--aka. she with whom we are obsessed. Our love/hatehatehate relationship with Anna stems from a Star Jones-ian desire to overtake her and a Single White Female need to become her. or something.

Zac Posen: Fall 2005

Zac Posen continues to improve with every season and we offer him a not-so-secret round of applause for referencing Barbarella in his new collection. Fondatastic!

Collette iPod cases

While in Paris this past summer, I couldn't help but dream about the iPod cases at Collette (especially when compared to the uninspired iSkin here). Now, for a mere 121 euros, you can buy any one of the three iPod cases from over the pond and sing the praises of plastic power later. For sheerly pratical purposes (iTrip/iTalk usage, protection of iPod and easy access), we prefer the vaja 4G remixed cases ourselves, but we wouldn't kick a case from collette out of bed.

Barker Hanger

Since it's pouring rain, i feel generally safe in reminding all of you to don your bodysuits and hit theBarker Hanger in Santa Monica for the Barney's Hangar Sale. Be prepared to jostle and attack all Prada neophytes who don't even know what a Miuccia is. The sale begins today and continues through the 21st.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

lack of coordination made fashionable again

this just goes to show that if you wait long enough anything will come back into fashion. including your ripped pantyhose from prom night

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bag, borrow, or steal

there have been times --more than i'd care to admit--when i've stared longingly at handbags on taut mannequin arms in the windows of neiman's or barney's. with my nose pressed up against the glass, i dream that my rent would magically not be due so i could afford that oh-so-now chloe bag. because, let's face it, purses and shoes are the two things that you are never really "too fat" to wear (don't apply a lot of pressure on this theory, though, as go fug yourself can provide many an example of shoes and minibags pushed to the extreme).
Bag, borrow, or steal is the netflix for handbags and seems to ensure that you'll always be showing up that fashionista at the Beauty Bar. Why buy faux when you can rent?

W finally does right by Kate Moss

After their disasterous feature of Kate Moss a couple years back, (a portfolio that proved singlehandedly that EVERYONE looks bad it latter-day Lucien Freud paintings), W has relaunched their "Kate Moss is queen" with yet another cover story. While we here really adore Kate Moss (and believe me, we do), couldn't W find anyone else to photograph ad nauseum?