Wednesday, January 26, 2005

from paris spring haute couture

LVMH has sold Christian Lacroix down the river (to the Falic Group), shortly before what appears to be an incredibly wearable haute couture collection. Oh, well. It frees things up ever so much more for LVMH's war on Chinatown and Louis Vuitton copyright infringement. Bazaar recently featured an article that smacked of Ministry of Defense sentiments ("Does your knockoff handbag support terrorism?")

Friday, January 21, 2005

a friend of mine has just returned from visiting family in milan and she brought me Selz Soda Dufour candies. Placing one in your mouth is delightfully similar to having a bomb lobbed at you ( often can you say that in a positive way). The candy hisses and tickles your tongue and the roof of your mouth, until it finally collapses with a gorgeous sounding (and tasting) crack against your palate. This is how limoncello should taste (but doesn't); tart, refreshing, and relaxing. the perfect thing for a warm angeleno day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

anna wintour saves the day (and the blog)

i would have posted here sooner if i hadn't forgotten my password....and also have forgotten my username. last week i managed to lose my keys and kill my car, so really...all in a day's work.

however it is this dishy piece that has almost single-handedly brought me back from retirement. oh anna, anna, anna...dreads are sooooo out.