Monday, November 22, 2004

a needle in the vein of nostalgia

we used to get screeners. by this time every year, our mailman would be dropping off boxes of videotapes, CDs, autographed sheet music, sweatshirts, flower arrangements, and desserts. thanksgiving wasn't so much a food fest as it was a movie fest. "What films shall we gorge on tonight?" we'd wonder. There were only 45 to choose from on any given day. But unfortunately our affiliation with the HFPA ended and so did the steady stream of gifting. Periodically we could rely on someone from an agency to toss a couple screeners our way, just so we could watch them in glorious letterbox.

Needless to say, with all the MPAA paranoia, those days are long gone

A friend in the Academy recently informed me that Miramax sent special DVD players to everyone in the Academy, as you could only watch their films on said machine. Finally, the irritation is outweighing the payoff.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


it's our birthday tomorrow (the real 22 this time, not like last year's faux 22 birthday to avoid implicating star shoes in its increibly lenient underage drinking policy). all gifts of chambord and uppers can be directed to the ucla film and television archive.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

los angeles redeems itself???

word on the street is that 75% of people in LA voted yesterday, which is pretty damn impressive. my side's down and i look like i've been punched in the eyes, but good going, LA.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

And now, with fisticuffs

At 10am, two middle age women started beating each other up in line to vote at the Border's Bookstore polling place in Westwood. If this is happening in liberal Los Angeles, i can only imagine what's happening in Ohio, but I hope it involves some escalades and sending the liberals to their death gladiator-style. Watching people run to the polling place as a huge SUV chases them down...things of that level. Let the voter wars begin.

Joyjunkie's voting endorsements

enough gay jokes. today, joyjunkie encourages you to vote. We would like to remind you that Chief Justice William Renquist can't live forever (though he appears to be trying to), and like those years when a bad Pope was appointed, we really don't want the crusades to start again. We'd also like to remind you, now that you're voting and will inevitably be called upon to serve on a jury, that jury duty can actually provide valuable insight into the feeble minds of most americans, and should be looked upon as an opportunity to miss work and get drunk earlier.

Joyjunkie would also like to remind you that, while we appreciate bathtub gin as much as the next person, voting for prohibition is just plain idiotic.

Now, onto the Proposition of the day

Prop. 71: YES

Remember in the days before the Euro, when currencies such as the lira were worth next to nothing? That's pretty much where our dollar's at. Which is why $6,000,000,000 isn't really worth all that much. In a couple years, all you'll be able to buy with that is a couple of moonpies and a room at the holiday inn for one night, or, hopefully, a lot of stem cells.

Monday, November 01, 2004

the cardinal rules of carnivals

the advocate bemoans the "straightening" of gay carnival-wear. I, for one, agree. This past WeHo carnival was a travesty, a TRAVESTY, I tell you.