Monday, October 25, 2004

this morning: diet coke & skittles for breakfast. this is really not the good life

the pixies suck but i love them anyway

just how bad are things between the pixies? apparently they're still so bent out of shape with each other that they only allowed 4 people on the mars volta list backstage because they don't want everyone to see them fighting. Despite that snag, however, the concert was great and our seats were fab. First time i haven't been in the lawn was frightening to look back up the hill and see all those people looking like they were about to fall on top of me.
the pixies played amazingly well; they played every song a fan could possibly want to hear, and as omar said, we're their target demographic...they're at the point where they want to make a shitload of money, and even though they didn't get it out of me, they got it out of 18,000 other people.
the purist in me should be a little sad about this rabid mercenary behavior, but i've never been known for my morals

Friday, October 22, 2004

marchesa luisa

don't we all long to be this crazy. (image via

and vengeance rears its ugly head

maybe it's retribution for the time i hit that group of teenagers while i was driving and then buried their bodies by the side of the road, but i've just now realized that the concert tomorrow is in irvine. what? i didn't sign up for that! i don['t pay for these things so that's why i usually just go along when i'm asked to...

BUT... the first time i drove to irvine was to see The Cure and honestly, I was also dating a guy that put woodglue in his hair to make it "spike better" so my judgement can't be trusted. the last time was for Tricky, but still mostly for the promise of sex and all i remember of THAT night is drinking in a parking lot with a lot of truckers and putting a ziploc bag of pot in my crotch. now that i've adhered myself to a lifestyle of white leather furniture, shag carpeting and maribou stiletto slippers i can't figure out what exactly i'm supposed to do. help, please?
sitting here having downed 1 espresso, i diet coke, and 1 soy chai latte. as anyone could plainly see while i vibrate in my chair...i'm wired. i've spent two hours complaining about work and drinking a tiny cup of coffee. i've sent off resumes to 5 new companies. i've looked at graduate schools. who cares that we're showing shitty prints to the LA Times head critic? i'm flying. damn. i haven't felt this good since that time i inhaled a mirrorful of cocaine. fridays are awesome!

Monday, October 18, 2004

animal dance

because try as i might, i can never quell my desire to dance like a ghoul in a library, and because i've been reading far too much about the Marchesa Luisa Casati, i really want to go to this

Valentino's Tango and Ragtime Ball
Saturday, October 23
8 p.m. to midnight

A celebration of the era from 1900 to 1930, this ball will include the "animal" dances of the ragtime era. Costume, formal, or semi-formal attire. Instruction will be included; no dance experience or partner necessary! RSVP to Catherine Brown at or 310.206.4608 by Thursday, October 21.

Unfortunately (yet fortunately) for me, I'll be at the Pixies' show that night, but I beg that one of you goes so I can learn "animal" dances at a later date

Friday, October 15, 2004

creative commons

Well, at least some people are thinking...

Rights Reasserted
With sampling and file sharing under ever-increasing assault in the courts and in Congress, many artists are beginning to fear that creativity itself is in jeopardy. Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization founded in 2002, is aiming to inject some reason and moderation into the copyright debate, and hopes to raise its profile this month with a new CD entitled Rip. Sample. Mash. Share. The album features 13 tracks from artists including David Byrne, the Beastie Boys, and Gilberto Gil, and more than 800,000 copies will be distributed for free with the November issue of Wired magazine. What makes the tracks on the CD unique, however, is the participating artists' embrace of the Creative Commons license, which gives listeners the permission — and right — to trade, remix, sample, and reinterpret the music as they wish. The project kicked off last month with a benefit concert in New York featuring Byrne and Gil, and other events are planned for the future. The Creative Commons license is not a free-for-all: some of the artists permit only non-commercial sampling and sharing while others are open to all potential uses (with the exception of advertising placement). But the point Creative Commons makes is that there's a difference between "all rights reserved" and "some rights reserved" — especially in the digital age — and artists should be free to make these decisions about their work for themselves. (DJP)

via earplug

as a musician prone to ripping and mashing, I have found the recent string of copyright litigation almost completely impossible to cope with. especially because, while rolling in dough, i've got some costly habits to keep up. two words: shoes & booze.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

notes for thursday

during a dinner at mistral the other night we got to reminiscing about gianni versace, and how much we miss him, and how much we all loathe donatella who seems to look increasingly like the negative of morticia addams, but you know, without the class.

we're also becoming totally obsessed with go fug yourself because cruel commentary on other people's huge fashion mistakes should never be overlooked, especially if they're celebrities.

Speaking of bad photos...
Brandon has just started a new photoblog. Are you fraught with anxiety over whom brandon will photograph next, or who he thinks of while peeing? Worry no more. I have a feeling a lot more questions that those will find disturbing, yet colorful, answers.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

like sand through an hourglass..

On a day like this, when you're sitting alone in your office with nothing, really nothing to do, you realize just how much time has slipped by. can it have been a week since we last checked craigslist? overhaul, and perhaps a theme are in order for this little gem of a content-abusing website. it'll all happen...

...just not during the new episode of "Lost" tonight

Friday, October 08, 2004

happy birthday, terryn!

today is lovely terryn's birthday! come to her party tonight at Bar Vermont (on Vermont, north of Hollywood in los Feliz)

Friday, October 01, 2004


Anticipating an alcohol-soaked year (and correctly, too, we might add), we applied for the Home James "deliver you drunk to your doorstep" service last February. Yet, only TODAY have we received our activation for our account. Really, if we had egos left, they'd be bruised right now.